NR5X Glass Warehouse
The NR5X "glass warehouse" p
rovides full visibility of your product flow and increases the efficiency of the 3PL services. The transparency is reinforced by the service center Vcoms, scanning and video capture.

Client Details   My Account    
Home Screen                  My Account Screen  
Your information and contact details, and announcements regarding the IT and Operations

Detailed account information.
Facilitates online payment

Style Summary Detailed item information
required to facilitate the 
3PL services, including 

Style Details 



Manufacturing Plan  
Prepack Instruction Supportive tool to plan 
production. Provides  
carton identity to facilitate 
the X-docking, including the 
box scanning at receiving 
and shipping time

Carton ID
Receiving Screen

The information for incoming shipments. Allows for status reviews. Variation reports are created, based on Receiving scans and quality control findings


QC Review

A high resolution webcam is available for live meetings to review quality issues. This allows for timely action to be taken to guarantee the delivery of quality products within the delivery window


  Tracking Screen Details of shipments including manifest number, BOL signed copy, carton number, and carrier tracking number. With the carton number, video capture may be retrieved at the packing station


Reports Inventory Position  
Expanded Report


Inventory Position Screen

View or download your
inventory position report

Comprehensive service center reports including workload by week, aged goods, orders, etc  


Data Exchange
All file formats are accepted, from EDI to xml to Excel. This facilitates the integration
of the systems and the implementation of an accurate and efficient 3PL process.

          Supported File Formats

Visual Communications (Vcom)
The information is provided to the service center on Vcom summarizing the work to be accomplished.
It facilitates the planning of the resources required to meet deadlines. Shipping progress is tracked
in real time (Allocated, In Pick, Packed, Invoiced).

        Command Center

                   Vcom Screens
     Command Center

Vcom Screen

Vcom Status

The service center is focused on accuracy, scanning the items both in and out. To certify the accuracy, all packing stations are video-recorded and the tracking is done at the carton level.
    Box Scanning  Unit Scanning    
       Box Scanning    Unit Scanning