Our comprehensive warehousing services are conducted in an entirely transparent environment. From source through to destination, the "glass warehouse" ensures that you have complete visibility of our procedures. We pride ourselves on our efficient compliance with industry standards and protocols. 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have requirements outside of our established services.

Manufacturing Plan

Assist in prepack creation

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Unload container
Receive against ASN
Scan each item (GOH)
Scan each box (X-Dock)
Provide Receiving report
Quality Control
Pull sampling for AQL 2.5
Provide QC Report - findings of AQL
Value-Added Services Meet customer and product requirements
Pick / Pack GOH
Individually pick units by store/door
Scan and pack by store / door
X-Dock Sort by cluster unto pallets

Print MH10 label 
Apply MH10 label to cartons 
Scan and load cartons 
Create manifest / BOL 
Schedule appointment 
Provide ASN
Inventory Management
Provide entire visibility 
Separate storage charge
IT Solution

"Glass warehouse" 
QC web camera 
RF scanning 
Electronic transmissions 
Customized reporting