It Makes Sense To Outsource Your Warehousing Operations 
The primary objective in setting out annual budgets is always limiting capital expenditure and capping overheads while maximizing productivity and consequently profit margins. Achieving the right balance is the challenge. Direct your energies at your core competencies, ie. your production, marketing and sales operations, and leave the managing of your B2B warehousing operations to us.

The challenges for the 3PL client are:

  • 88% - cutting transport costs
  • 60% - reducing inventory
  • 52% - business process improvement
  • 46% - technology strategy and integration
  • 45% - managing supply level
  • 45% - improving customer service

Source :Inbound Logistics - 3PL Market Insights Survey

By outsourcing the warehousing operations, your capital expenditure is reduced. Warehousing and facilities allocations, and related overheads such as payrolls, utilities, administration costs, and vehicle maintenance and running costs, for example, no longer factor. You are able to focus on optimizing your business assured that your warehousing operation is in good hands.

We Can Help
With over 40 years experience in the fashion industry, we offer you a
fully-managed operation - warehouse facilities, flexible and proven technology, and experienced human resources. Our fully trained staff work effectively and efficiently to handle your product. This operation is completely transparent, allowing you to track and monitor your goods from source to destination in real time.

Puzzle Piece

We process your purchase orders, ship your product, manage your inventory, and provide all the information required for you to complete the transaction with your customer. Your inventory is well managed throughout the cycle of prepacking, receiving, quality control, picking and packing, cross-docking and shipping. We do this using the latest software and order-processing equipment, a highly-qualified team, and an excellent administration.

How We Do It
Based on your requirements, we set the logistics in place. With your SKUs in our system, we manage your product in dedicated warehouse space. Our technology adapts quickly and easily to meet and satisfy your needs. Planned or unforeseen adjustments to volume levels would require that you make adjustments to your warehouse space. Because we own our infrastructure and technology, we adjust to handle these volumes. 

Our Services
We apply all-in pricing for our standard services, based on the number of units processed. Our services include bulk distribution, store drop-ship, pre-distribution and consumer drop-ship. We also offer value-added services and volume discounts. Contact us.