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NYGÅRD 3PL - Services  

NYGÅRD 3PL offers an all-in-pricing solution for your logistics needs. Value-added services are available at an incremental cost. We operate seven days a week.


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NYGÅRD 3PL - Locations  

NYGÅRD 3PL has distribution centers strategically located across North America: 
  • Gardena, CA 
  • Vaughan, ON 
  • Winnipeg, MB


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NYGÅRD 3PL - Technology  

The NR5X "glass warehouse" provides full visibility of your product flow and increases the efficiency of the 3PL services. The transparency is reinforced by the service center Vcoms, scanning and video capture.


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NYGÅRD 3PL - About Us  

About Us
Nygård International was founded by Peter J. Nygård in 1967 and has grown to become one of the most successful fashion companies in North America.



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The World of NYGÅRD 3PL

• Strategic partnership with major retailers
• Commitment to technology and innovation
    √  NR5X Portal - transparency and real-time data to monitor the 3PL activities (inventory / orders)
• 40 years experience in the fashion industry in:

√  Designing Wholesaling

√  Manufacturing Retailing


√  Importing Logistics
• All-in-one pricing
• Available value-add services
• We own our infrastructure and buildings